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Ana - Ixelles, Bruxelles24
Espagnol (scolaire) · Espagnol pour adultes · Anglais comme deuxième langue (esl)
Français pour adultes - fle
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Cours des langues (espagnol/anglais). Traduction, intérpretation. (Ixelles)
A fantastic Spanish teacher, Highly recommended. She is very thorough and has taught me to comprehend Spanish grammar to a level beyond my expectations. She teaches with clarity and precision that has allowed me to consolidate concepts within the language that had previously eluded me.She makes learning Spanish a highly enjoyable experience by creating a relaxed and fun environment to learn. I highly recommend her.
Commentaire de ADNAN
Parfaite bilingue français-espagnol offre des cours d'espagnol (Schaerbeek)
She teaches me French in English. I'm a very beginner and this is my first time to learn French in my life. She is very friendly and also has passion to improve your skill and knowledge. One thing I really appreciate is she tries to explain one thing in multiple ways. So that, you can easily find a hint to understand an answer to your question. I'm very satisfied with her and her way of teaching. Thank you, Zahia.
Commentaire de YUSUKE
Español, Espagnol, Spanish for all ages and all levels (Ixelles)
I had 10 hours of lessons and enjoyed every one of them. Johnathan is a great teacher and I have learned so much with him! The classes were relaxed whilst also being really helpful, and he tailored all we covered in class and in homework to my needs. I would definitely recommend Johnathan to anyone struggling with Spanish, he's been fantastic!
Commentaire de LIZZEY